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Instructions for New Consults

  1. Contact us to set up a mutually available time for a FREE consultation screening to see if our medical consulting services are appropriate for you.
  2. If we feel that our services could benefit you, we will email you a packet of information sheets (regarding veteran personal and military service information and medical history).
  3. Upon receipt of the packet of information sheets, complete all of the forms and return them to us for review (be aware that incomplete information may delay the process).
  4. Mail us COPIES, (NOT ORIGINALS) of your military and civilian medical records (to include doctors notes and all applicable diagnostic and laboratory studies and hospitalization records). The copies will be shredded upon completion of your case for your privacy, as we have no place for long term medical record storage. YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS WILL NOT BE RETURNED TO YOU, unless prior arrangements have been made.
  5. You should mail your medical records via a mail service that tracks and confirms delivery, and provides you a receipt of delivery status, so that you will know when we received your records.
  6. Once the information packet is received and is deemed to be complete, we will begin to provide medical consulting services. Please note, consultations are processed in the order in which they are received.
  7. We may be in contact with you to clarify medical information and solicit any additional current medical information that may be useful
  8. Review and analysis of your medical conditions is generally completed within 4 weeks of receiving all of your medical records.
  9. You will receive notification via email, phone, or USP mail that your medical consultation is completed, and ready to discuss with you at an agreed upon time.
  10. And, as always, we will be available to answer any questions of concerns that you may have throughout the entire process.