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  • Gary L Petifurd Avatar

    Gary L Petifurd

    5 star rating

    I had a very nice chat with this company even though they can't help me in my current status until things are resolved but got very quick replies with straight answers and they have a wonderful team that seems to work well with each other

    Derrick Lyons Avatar

    Derrick Lyons

    5 star rating

    I enjoy working with Vet Comp and Pen very much! These folks have been by my side since my process was completed! They work with us veterans even after the decision on our case to help in assisting with the next one.

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    Paul Castro Avatar

    Paul Castro

    5 star rating

    I am very pleased so far with the service I am receiving. I looked into other veteran services and could not get the help I am being offered with Vet Comp and Pen. They are on top of my case and I like it when... read more

  • Lola Lewis Avatar

    Lola Lewis

    5 star rating

    I love Vet Comp and Pen. I was referred to them by a borrower as I do refinances. Vet comp called me on a Wednesday night. Peppered me with emails and phone calls. Then had my prep on Monday morning and a GoToMeeting at noon... read more

    Wayne Watson Avatar

    Wayne Watson

    5 star rating

    I am very please with what VET Comp and Pen has done for me.They are the intercessor between the Veteran and the Veteran Administration. They are very prompt in all aspects of my circumstances; such as to meetings, calls and responses. I don't... read more

    Debra Robinson Avatar

    Debra Robinson

    5 star rating

    Professional on all levels. I didn't want to associate with some group who had the scruples of an ambulance chaser (coaching me to make false or misleading statements). None of that nonsense here. My integrity was never compromised. Utterly impressive, impeccable... read more

  • Jesus M Santiago Avatar

    Jesus M Santiago

    5 star rating

    This is well worth it. I just went through it and they really did help me out in filling the correct paperwork and making sure I got a reassessment. This organization is a blessing to all VETs. They are in it to support us VETs.... read more

    Jim Rees Avatar

    Jim Rees

    5 star rating

    Complete and Semper Paratus. Couldn't have done it better myself.

    Dale Understanding Oates Sr. Avatar

    Dale Understanding Oates Sr.

    5 star rating

    These people really work for Vets..!!! keeping those who served our country best interest at heart making sure that they get what they deserved and are entitled to!!!!!!!

  • Kareem Grant Avatar

    Kareem Grant

    5 star rating

    I highly recommend this group. As a vet you know the process is very discouraging and sometimes it makes you want to give up, well with this group of highly motivated individuals your no longer alone. They stand with you and guide you.... read more

    Julie Cole Avatar

    Julie Cole

    5 star rating

    So far so good. They've been in constant contact with me and have kept me informed, explaining in detail what is going on. That is really important to me. Not knowing what the heck is going on or where you stand *cough* 13 months waiting... read more

    Sara Elizabeth Bland Avatar

    Sara Elizabeth Bland

    5 star rating

    Truly a pleasure working on the Medical Team at Vet Comp and Pen Medical Consulting, LLC. As a Nurse, there is nothing like this kind of work and for once, I LOVE my job and enjoy making such a huge difference in Veterans' lives.

  • Stacy'n Joe Myrda Avatar

    Stacy'n Joe Myrda

    5 star rating

    Vet Comp & Pen assisted me with my VA claim ... they were professional, courteous and most importantly - Legitimate!

    Tuan Ha Avatar

    Tuan Ha

    5 star rating

    You're looking to file with the VA. You obviously want your claim to get approved. I'm using my personal time to give Vet Comp and Pen a because they delivered and its worth my time to let other vets know. I understand if you're skeptic,... read more

    Tracy Vinson-Watson Avatar

    Tracy Vinson-Watson

    4 star rating

    All I can say is that this company truly helped me and they are legitimate.

  • Joseph Sanford Avatar

    Joseph Sanford

    5 star rating

    The vet comp and pen family is amazing, prior to hearing of their company I spent 14 years saying one day i will work on a claim. They took me through the process with ease can't thank them enough!!!

    Anthony Jeffery Avatar

    Anthony Jeffery

    5 star rating

    It is so refreshing to be working with a professional , courteous, knowledgeable , and respectful company. Everyone has been very thorough and reachable. They communicate very well to include following through. The came highly recommended, and now I understand just why. I... read more

    Zetroc Kram Avatar

    Zetroc Kram

    5 star rating

    I am very satisfied and pleased with the service Vet Comp has given me. I was hesitant at first due to the negative things I've heard regarding the VA. However, the people at Vet Comp have made a positive impact. Most importantly, the people are... read more

  • Rodney Wooten Avatar

    Rodney Wooten

    5 star rating

    Vet comp and Pen these guys and gals are first class they do everything they say they're going to do and it's all to benefit the veteran I don't know any other company out there that's doing it like this I had put in for... read more

    Geral Lubin Avatar

    Geral Lubin

    5 star rating

    I, Geral Lubin, do hereby testify that VET COMP & PEN TEAM Doesn't provide a five-star service, but a sky full of star services. There may be a lot of companies or associations out there which are in Vet Comp & Pen Medical Consulting category... read more

    Edward Dufour Avatar

    Edward Dufour

    5 star rating

    Vet Comp and Pen, They do a great Job for us Veterans. The staff I dealt with were all helpful. I definitely recommend them to all fellow Veterans. Some people thinks its a scam because they charge a fee, the difference of your increase. First... read more

  • Douglas Simmers Avatar

    Douglas Simmers

    5 star rating

    These guys are outstanding, Amber, Amanda, Liz, Jennifer, all of have been amazing. It's been awhile since I talked to a business that made me feel like I was important.

    Michael Jaskiel Avatar

    Michael Jaskiel

    5 star rating

    Vet Comp and Pen is an awesome company they have already gotten me 1 increase and they are working hard too get me more. It's worth it to check them out and go with them to help you file new claims and or increase.



    5 star rating

    My dear brothers and sisters in arms, I have had the most wonderful experience with these guys. I am amazed at how quick and easy they made it look, but they got my claim approved and in record time. These guys know their stuff... read more

  • Loki Mischiouf Avatar

    Loki Mischiouf

    5 star rating

    Since I contacted Vet Comp and Pen Medical Consulting LLC, I have had very little waiting time in getting assistance to increase my benefits. The thing that took the longest was me getting my medical records in order and sending them into them. They evaluated... read more

    David O. Brown Avatar

    David O. Brown

    5 star rating

    This was the one of the best experiences. Not only was it easy, the team was there every bit of the way to help with any and all questions. Everyone I came into contact with was very courteous and helpful. I am very thankful that... read more

    Don Masterson Avatar

    Don Masterson

    5 star rating

    Just started working with this organization over the past three weeks and after many years of going it alone. They seem genuinely eager to help. I've spoken with four different individuals, each specializing in specific areas of my case. It would be premature to make... read more

  • Tom Hayes Avatar

    Tom Hayes

    5 star rating

    These guys don't waste any time and get right to it. They stay in communication with you. I'm working with them at the moment and... so far so good.

    Elba Jerry Howington Avatar

    Elba Jerry Howington

    5 star rating

    Vet Comp and Pen is great. They have been very upfront with what to expect and have provided help at every turn. I know of several veterans whom I have recommended to Vet Comp and Pen that have already received increased ratings. My claim is... read more

    Scott McIntosh Avatar

    Scott McIntosh

    5 star rating

    Vet Comp & Pen Helped me when I was about to give up. I had cases in the VA for 6 years and no results. With Vet Comp & Pen in one year all of my cases were resolved and I was able to move... read more

  • boo mckey Avatar

    boo mckey

    5 star rating

    By far the friendliest assistant I have encountered for VA assistance. Heaven sent and answered prayers answered. I huge weight has been lifted off my chest. I highly recommended Randi Smith and the entire Vet Comp.&Pen Medical Consulting team. What have you got to loss... read more

    Mike Barkell Avatar

    Mike Barkell

    5 star rating

    These folks are top-notch! Everyone on their staff was very helpful and professional throughout my whole claim process. They answered all of my questions and provided great advice. All communications from them are clear and concise along with great visual aids to step you through... read more

    Kelly Dunbar Avatar

    Kelly Dunbar

    5 star rating

    My experience with Vet Comp and Pen has been outstanding. All of their representatives are very professional and efficient. They really explain every step of the process in great detail. They call to walk you through the process. I... read more

  • John Flovin Avatar

    John Flovin

    5 star rating

    Dealing with VCP has been an absolute pleasure. They know how to go at the VA the right way. I only wish I had found them sooner. I have already been upped once on my rating and now in the appeal process... read more

    James Hogan Avatar

    James Hogan

    5 star rating

    From the very beginning, the men and women of Vet Comp and Pen were professional and informative. Throughout the entire process they knew exactly what they next phase of the process would be and kept me calm and prepared through the process. ... read more

    Ron Bryant Avatar

    Ron Bryant

    5 star rating

    Everybody from this organization is completely professional and go out of their way to ensure you understand the process and are always ready to answer any questions you may have. Working directly with Vet Comp and going through their procedures demonstrates they do not... read more

  • Corey Frazier Avatar

    Corey Frazier

    5 star rating

    I have been fighting the VA for 15 years and got nowhere for my disability rating...6 months with Vet Comp and I love them forever...Thank you for everything Vet Comp & Pen ....

    Russ Dunford Avatar

    Russ Dunford

    5 star rating

    Professional. Well versed in the process.
    Educated on the process and requirements.
    Rec'd more "spot on" helpful info in a week and what to do than I had found in 12+ months on my own.

    Nick Coffman Avatar

    Nick Coffman

    5 star rating

    I was referred to VCP by a co-worker who had gone through the consulting process with them before. He had nothing but good things to say about them, and after working with VCP I also have nothing but good things to say about them.... read more

  • Christopher Adam Oxley-Meyer Avatar

    Christopher Adam Oxley-Meyer

    5 star rating

    There is an amazing staff willing to help us veterans to get what's deserved. They don't see you as a customer but build a friendship with you. They check on you to make sure you're in good care and they talk you through the steps... read more

    Stephen Paquette Avatar

    Stephen Paquette

    5 star rating

    They have great to work with. From my initial phone call, Vet Comp and Pen has been by my side. They work tirelessly to get you what you deserve from the VA. I am so glad I was directed to Vet Comp and Pen.

    michael T Avatar

    michael T

    5 star rating

    Vet Comp and Pen has been excellent. They are very professional and efficient. Vet Com actually cares about veterans. I am 100% satisfied so far with their service.
    I will highly recommend Vet Com.

  • Andrez Alfonso Avatar

    Andrez Alfonso

    5 star rating

    They came through on exactly what they said they could do for me. It is a little pricey but when you consider the payout a small sacrifice to make. I recommend this company to family and friends that are veterans. I would not steer them... read more

    Mac McCray Avatar

    Mac McCray

    5 star rating

    I am in the early stages but I have received excellent advise and assistance to filing to improve on my rating. I have been treated with the utmost respect.

    Tom Hackett Avatar

    Tom Hackett

    5 star rating

    I was Extremely sceptical of there services at first, especially sense so many people take advantage of veterans. I was getting No where through VA. I used Vet Comp&Pen services and received a 30% increase on my disability rating. They are legit, they will help... read more

  • Rick St. Jean Avatar

    Rick St. Jean

    5 star rating

    They helped me add Sleep Apnea secondary to my PTSD! Thanks Vets Comp & Pen!!!

    Luisa Trapela Avatar

    Luisa Trapela

    5 star rating

    Vet Comp and Pen Medical is very THOROUGH, I had retired in 2014, and was only rated 40%, I had a lot of medical surgeries in the military and when I initially filed for my disability, I was disappointed on how low my % was,... read more

    Jay Matthews Avatar

    Jay Matthews

    5 star rating

    It's been good so far. I have been working with them for a couple months and they have been in constant contact and always respond to question in a few hours if not the next day.

  • Al Gattenby Avatar

    Al Gattenby

    5 star rating

    Vet comp and pen did a great job helping me with my claim. They were professional and communicated with me frequently and answered all my questions quickly. I am very happy with their service and recommend them to my veteran brothers and sisters.

    Marion E. Day Avatar

    Marion E. Day

    5 star rating

    So far, so good. I had some reservations at first and I was unsure about the process and the organization's ability to cut through some the VA's red-tape. At this point in the process, I am confident that Vet Comp and Pen has the ability... read more

    Juwanna Only Avatar

    Juwanna Only

    5 star rating

    The reps at VA Comp and Pen were very helpful and they worked diligently in making sure I got my full benefits. This is a very good program and it is not too good to be true, it is simply good. I have told... read more

  • Joie Jodrey Avatar

    Joie Jodrey

    5 star rating

    Vet Comp and Pen did for me and less than five months what I've been trying to do an American Legion has been trying to do for over 20 years I Veteran friends out there that are reading this if you have been trying to... read more

    Tommy Cruz Avatar

    Tommy Cruz

    5 star rating

    this is an excellent company they helped me a lot. The majority of the staff are veterans and they have not let me down

    Del Snyder Avatar

    Del Snyder

    5 star rating

    I highly recommend using this service to help you get the rating you deserve. After years of trying and failing to get the VA to step up and do whats right, these people helped me get the rating I deserved. James and everyone I spoke... read more

  • John Zabrucki Avatar

    John Zabrucki

    5 star rating

    After seeing first-hand how Vet Comp & Pen assisted one of my best and most trusted military friends and former co-workers, for the first time in years, I felt a sense of relief that I had somebody on my side for a change. While... read more

    Mark Ray Avatar

    Mark Ray

    5 star rating

    At first I was a little skeptical that the company could help. I thought, "Why not give it a try?" I was SURPRISED!!! They did a phenomenal job with the best customer service I could ask for, always friendly and always willing to answer questions.... read more

    Daniel Gibbs Avatar

    Daniel Gibbs

    5 star rating

    Was told about Vet comp and Pen from a fellow co- worker that I work with at the VA and I am honestly blown away with how fast things happened ( I am still in the process of getting my claim done) but so far... read more

  • Ben Kelly Avatar

    Ben Kelly

    5 star rating

    Vet comp and Pen help me immensely in my VA claim disability claim I hit a brick wall in my first VA claim for disability but vet comp and Penn guide me through and receive the benefits that I deserve thank you

    Gage A. Underhill Avatar

    Gage A. Underhill

    5 star rating

    Vet comp and Pen is outstanding . Since day one they have been understanding, have taken a personal interest and even Jennifer F. has called back just to check on me and make sure I'm doing OK. It wasn't for forms or follow up just... read more

    Dante Rosini Avatar

    Dante Rosini

    5 star rating

    Great Service and follow up. Even discovered a rating I did not know I qualified for. Highly have and will continue to recommend!

  • Javier Suarez Avatar

    Javier Suarez

    5 star rating

    I was hesitant when I was told to talk to someone at Vet Comp, but my hesitation went away fast when I ended up speaking [with them] and going through the process. What a GREAT organization. I could not say more about them. Great process,... read more

    MrSteven Gamble Avatar

    MrSteven Gamble

    5 star rating

    Had an initial issue with service and their great customer service team addressed my issue to my utmost satisfaction.

    Brian Cribb Avatar

    Brian Cribb

    5 star rating

    For years I have tried to fight this battle alone and have gotten no where. This is a great relief knowing that the staff at Vet Comp are eager and willing to help. Very friendly staff, even when I had concerns this... read more

  • Lindsay Lumpkin Avatar

    Lindsay Lumpkin

    5 star rating

    Vet Comp & Pen Medical Consulting is genuinely dedicated to assisting Veterans in obtaining the benefits they deserve. Their process was efficient and seamless for me. Customer-focused attitude and expedient response time to my questions and administrative procedures were "OUTSTANDING"!



    5 star rating

    I was skeptical at first, then I decided to call Vet Comp & Pen, right away things was explained fully, I asked questions and they were answered. So far I do not regret that I did call and decide to get my claim started.
    They also... read more

    Andre Elam Avatar

    Andre Elam

    5 star rating

    Vet Comp and Pen has been amazing for me. For years I had heard the horrors of dealing with the VA to get compensation. I received an email from Vet Comp and Pen and decided to get them a call and it's been... read more

  • Edwin Victoriano Avatar

    Edwin Victoriano

    5 star rating

    The support and assistance I received from VET COMP staff has been superlative. From the time I initiated my compensation review package to the time I submitted it to VA, I've been given near real time assistance to make sure my package is complete and... read more

    Matt Like Avatar

    Matt Like

    5 star rating

    After meeting and spending some time with Gina and Ken from Vet Comp and Pen, I can say they are some of warmest, most genuine and good-hearted folks I've come across in quite some time. They are passionate about serving, and that spills over... read more

    E DE Avatar

    E DE

    5 star rating

    My experiences with Vet Comp and Pen Medical Consultants has been good to me! I went from 0% to 30%. Now, I am at 40% and still reaching for a higher percentage that I deserve! I have been stuck in a ruck for years,... read more

  • Todd P Schexnayder Avatar

    Todd P Schexnayder

    5 star rating

    I used Vet Comp recently and had a great experience. What made me call is, I have a very hard time dealing with people and all of the VA hurdles and traps, the system was too overwhelming for me. All its made to do is... read more

    Jason Lozano Avatar

    Jason Lozano

    5 star rating

    Thank you for taking care of me and thousands of other veterans like my self.

    darnell brooks Avatar

    darnell brooks

    5 star rating

    You guys keep your word when you say you're going to help the veteran. I've received more help in applying for my entitlements than any of the other sources I pursued before. Staff member Alexis, assisted me today and was very thorough and knowledgeable... read more

  • Barry Watts Avatar

    Barry Watts

    5 star rating

    Vet Comp & Pen really surprised me with how fast that they got my claim going. I heard about them through my brother. He told me that some of his friends had used them and gotten great result from them. I was not sure... read more

    Gary Mack Bonds Sr Avatar

    Gary Mack Bonds Sr

    5 star rating

    Helped me get my 100 percent. And it was pretty fast. All my claims they helped me with got approved first time. Forever grateful.

    Mario Rodriguez Avatar

    Mario Rodriguez

    5 star rating

    The service provided to me by Vet Comp was very professional and they help win the claim. They did the research for me and the medical analysis to presented to VA. Thank you and I'm looking forward continue working with them for the next rounds... read more

  • Peter Kyne Avatar

    Peter Kyne

    5 star rating

    For anyone struggling with the VA, this is the company that can help cut through the red tape. They make working with the VA a breeze and will get you the compensation you deserve quickly and painlessly.

    Valerie Couch Avatar

    Valerie Couch

    5 star rating


    Chris Murphy Avatar

    Chris Murphy

    5 star rating

    Vet Comp and Pen is legit, they know the VA claims regulations since their medical staff worked at and with the VA claim system.

    You don't owe anything until your claim or appeal is decided in your favor.

    They got me an increase from 40% to 80%... read more

  • Heidee E Rath Avatar

    Heidee E Rath

    5 star rating

    So far it's been smooth sailing. Things have happened FAST, and right as they said they would. I'm seriously impressed. Kind staff as well. Hoping for a positive turn out!

    Dana McMillon Avatar

    Dana McMillon

    5 star rating

    Eli and Amanda were fabolus as a veteran I want to say thank you very much, you all our exceptional with out you both I would be still trying to find out about my situation, Thank you Thank you

    Carlos Wallace Avatar

    Carlos Wallace

    5 star rating

    You guys are the best thing to happen to Veterans in my lifetime. Please keep helping those of us in need, THANK YOU.

  • Robert Maki Avatar

    Robert Maki

    5 star rating

    Where to begin... like many veterans who have found your services, I had hit the wall with all the other veteran benefit services. Not taking anything away from the VA, VFW, and DAV, but there was no progress. Your team's work gave me not... read more

    Matt Wood Avatar

    Matt Wood

    5 star rating

    This is a great company and would recommend them to anybody! I fought the VA for 14 years using VSO's and the DAV and got no where. I filed in Feb 2017 and just got a my decision In 6 weeks! The fastest I have... read more

    Louis Pratt Avatar

    Louis Pratt

    5 star rating

    They are the best of the best and second to none. If you want a dedicated team of experts to help you get the benefits you deserve do not look any where else. They helped me greatly with my claims and i am truly grateful.... read more

  • Les Anderson Avatar

    Les Anderson

    5 star rating

    Everyone (Eli, Carol, Amanda and many others) I have dealt with have been true professionals. They took me from 50% to 90% and although I recently got turned down on recent claim, we are looking at appeals and not knowing all the legal mumbo jumbo... read more

    Stacey Collier Avatar

    Stacey Collier

    5 star rating

    The young lady who help me is very very knowledgeable nice and deserves a raise!!!!!

    Kevin C Young Avatar

    Kevin C Young

    5 star rating

    Showed me things I am entitled to that my Svo never did..thanks Vet comp and pen.

  • Becki Cason Avatar

    Becki Cason

    5 star rating


    Comedian Gartrell Whitfield Avatar

    Comedian Gartrell Whitfield

    5 star rating

    So far everything is Excellent.Very professional.Looking forward to passing this blessing on to other Veterans in need of help.

    Joseph Grover Avatar

    Joseph Grover

    5 star rating

    I started working with Vet Comp please and pen.
    They found things in my file nobody else could find.
    The staff keeps on top of where I am in my claim, and are highly concerned I give, and get the required information as soon as is possible.
    From... read more

  • Guy Cobb Avatar

    Guy Cobb

    5 star rating

    I started using Veterans Comp & Pen less than a year ago, and today I can honestly say that they helped me in my situation, I'm impressed and waiting to move on to the next process. Thanks VCP

    Chris Man Avatar

    Chris Man

    5 star rating

    I am grateful that I decided to work with Vet Comp and Pen. Honestly, I was very skeptical at first; but from start to finish, they provided guidance and involvement in all the steps of my claim. I had my share of troubles in filing... read more

    Thursetta Hamrick Avatar

    Thursetta Hamrick

    5 star rating

    I came to you guys, like many veterans who had found it difficult dealing with the other veteran benefit services. Not taking anything away from the american legion and VA i wasn't getting the results i wanted, Your team of subject matter experts are... read more

  • Brandon Craig Avatar

    Brandon Craig

    5 star rating

    They really and truly will get you results and guide you through the process smoothly... They have added security to my life in more ways than you can imagine and if you don't pursue Vet Comp & Pen for disability assistance, you are doing yourself... read more

    Gerret Carter Avatar

    Gerret Carter

    5 star rating

    I am pleased with the wor they have done for me, any questions that I have had have been answered within 24-48 hrs by either email or phone call. I would recommend there service to any veteran having trouble receiving benefits.

    J Dworaczyk Avatar

    J Dworaczyk

    5 star rating

    I have just started working with Vet Comp and Pen Medical Consulting and so far am very pleased with the support and speed of which they have assisted. Still have a ways to go and look forward to adding another comment when it is... read more

  • Joe Petty Avatar

    Joe Petty

    5 star rating

    Vet Comp & Pen has been a great experience. It all began with a phone call to Vet Comp & Pen and while speaking with them on the phone they listened to my situation and were very helpful with each step. I know everyone's experience... read more

    Michael Woosley Avatar

    Michael Woosley

    5 star rating

    The team at VetComp&Pen strives to go that extra mile, ensuring that I walk this journey with them by my side. The team is highly professional, polite and understanding of Veterans and the problems that perplex us on a daily basis. Up front,... read more

    Patrick Spillane Avatar

    Patrick Spillane

    5 star rating

    Amanda Hall, Jennifer Labonte, Jennifer Fox, and Fallon Sheppard have done a Great Job helping me get all my VA Claims straight and fight for the Service Connections I'm Entitled/Deserve ! I have been dealing with the VA Claims & Their Jacked up System for... read more

  • Scott Stewart Avatar

    Scott Stewart

    5 star rating

    I wish I had known about Vet Comp & Pen long ago. When I got out of the service they only gave me a 10% rating for my knees. 6 months after contact VC&P I had an 80% rating! And now they are about to go for round 2!

    Ben DuFour Avatar

    Ben DuFour

    5 star rating

    Mr. Hill and all the staff at VCP have been just amazing to work worth. I have been struggling with my claims with the VA since 2010 and in the last year VCP has gotten claims and increases approved that I have been unable to... read more

    Rhonda Long Avatar

    Rhonda Long

    5 star rating

    By nature, I am a skeptical person. However, I see the results of VCP's efforts, and I know now, this group isn't just a team of experts waiting to really help our Veterans, but a group of people who also really care!

  • C'los Antonio Sr. Avatar

    C'los Antonio Sr.

    5 star rating

    The staff was very helpful. I was actually going to just give up on dealing with my disability claims. When I heard about VCandPMC from a military family member, I had to contact them. They really helped me get my percentage boosted. ... read more

    Billie Campbell Avatar

    Billie Campbell

    5 star rating

    The Vet Comp & Pen team along with my case manager Jennifer Fox have been and still are a tremendous help. I have never seen such professionalism towards helping veterans from the start of their claim giving them 100% personal attention. They seem to... read more

    Joe Lynn Cragg Avatar

    Joe Lynn Cragg

    5 star rating

    Great service..very professional during the entire process..i highly recommend them!

  • Eric Pask Avatar

    Eric Pask

    5 star rating

    Vet Comp and Pen Medical Consulting LLC is the place to contact with and questions or guidance that you may need. They have first hand knowledge of exactly what it takes to conquer the challenges that the VA has put in place to make things... read more

    Mario Mo Pichon Avatar

    Mario Mo Pichon

    5 star rating

    These guys are really great and very helpful. I was at 20% for years now doubled to 40% in just the 1st claim. There now working on my next set of claims to increase it even more. Thanks again VC&P!!!

    Ungenetta-Troy Green Avatar

    Ungenetta-Troy Green

    5 star rating

    They are amazing! I recommend them to every vet how need assistance with disable. It only takes about 4 months... They are the best!

  • Mel Moseley Avatar

    Mel Moseley

    5 star rating

    I really appreciate their quick response and their concern to help guide me to get the actual documentations need to support my claim.
    They are kind and willing to go that extra mile for veterans to get what they deserve.
    I promise to refer my fellow... read more

    Donald R. Bridenbaker Jr. Avatar

    Donald R. Bridenbaker Jr.

    5 star rating

    I was a little skeptical on using Vet Comp and Pen Medical Consulting LLC, but a buddy of mine from the Army convinced me to give them a try and I am very glad he did. They made my application process for VA disability so... read more

    Margaret Rhodes Avatar

    Margaret Rhodes

    5 star rating

    Vet Comp and pen has been helping us for a while. They are doing things that we would have a problem doing. They don't let anyone or anything stop them. They will not leave you behind like the government has. They do everything in their... read more

  • Leonardo Castro Avatar

    Leonardo Castro

    5 star rating

    Vet Comp and Pen has been a life saver to me. They have made my VA claim proses very simple and rewarding. Their customer service is excellent and very quick. They have always answer my question and email very quickly. They have been able to... read more

    Clarence A Hoyle III Avatar

    Clarence A Hoyle III

    5 star rating

    So far so good. Still in the process of all the VA paperwork.

    Doug Borland Avatar

    Doug Borland

    5 star rating

    Hello, I am writing this review to let everyone out there who may be skeptical or unsure about allowing any company to assist them with their VA claims process. Well I tell you, this company has been absolutely phenomenal with their efforts. They are easy... read more

  • Ron Jeffers Avatar

    Ron Jeffers

    5 star rating

    Excellent service. They walked me through a very complex claim with the VA. The end result was greater than I expected.

    Daniel Farrar Avatar

    Daniel Farrar

    5 star rating

    Vet Comp and Pen was there for me when I needed help processing an increase in my service connected disability. After leaving the service, over the years, my condition became much worse. I tried processing the paperwork myself some years ago but failed. I was... read more

    Angie Lin Tilden Avatar

    Angie Lin Tilden

    5 star rating

    VCP has been very responsive and helpful in processing my appeal. In addition they are very knowledgeable on how the process works and has guided me along the way. Currently we are still in the process, but I feel good and confident in my... read more

  • Chris Anderson Avatar

    Chris Anderson

    5 star rating

    Everything has been great for me. I have been working with VC&P for a few weeks and have my doctor consultation already scheduled and expecting real results from my claim within months. I am pleased to say I have received nothing but professionals when talking... read more

    Taungi Taylor Avatar

    Taungi Taylor

    5 star rating

    I have been 10% for the past 25 years and no help from the VA. I started the process with Vet Comp & Pen about 3 weeks ago and already have seen some progress. They really show concern and really are eager to get you... read more

    Brett Palmer Avatar

    Brett Palmer

    5 star rating

    It's simple, do it the hard way or use Vet Comp and Pen! Professional people who help the Veteran get what they deserve! If you don't get anything from the VA, then you didn't do what they told you to do!

  • Steve D Heathman Avatar

    Steve D Heathman

    5 star rating

    Great team. Took just about 4 months to complete my initial claims. They reviewed my records and put a package together for me to submit. Had to show up to about 6 apt with the VA and had my letter within a month of completing... read more

    Jarhead Marine Avatar

    Jarhead Marine

    5 star rating

    I am super impressed with Vet Comp and Pen! Everyone involved in developing my case is incredibly professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. The other organizations like the DAV and a private law firm i hired, paled in comparison. I have already referred this... read more

    Ty Washington Avatar

    Ty Washington

    5 star rating

    Excellent company. I was initially skeptical about Vet Comp and Pen being able to help me but they came through. I went from 0% to 70% rated with VA and it only took them 3 months to get me a decision using a fully developed... read more

  • Dana D Avatar

    Dana D

    5 star rating

    Although I am still going thru the process, my experience has been great. The staff are very professional, knowledgeable and truly supportive and committed to making sure Veterans are taken care of! In fact, within a few minutes after talking with other Vets I find... read more

    Todd E. Miller Avatar

    Todd E. Miller

    5 star rating

    So far these people have been doing so awesome!! Tee he work they submit to the VA is amazing! They have all responded quick with any questions. They got everything done super quick!!! Very impressed!! I have suggested... read more

    Sam Prinze Avatar

    Sam Prinze

    5 star rating

    I was really skeptical at first but decided to give them a chance to prove themselves. Doing it on my own wasn't working so I needed a different approach. Vet Comp & Pen are a team of experienced professionals that knows what they're... read more

  • Fred Coker Avatar

    Fred Coker

    5 star rating

    Vet comp and pen is great! They stay on top with their veterans to make sure that every problem they encounter is solved. I'm satisfied and glad to have Vet Comp on my side.

    Marites Gatchalian Avatar

    Marites Gatchalian

    5 star rating

    The customer service is outstanding! Very quick response - less than 24 hours after I filled out the intake form. They are very knowledgeable and very helpful in assisting what Veterans are entitled to. My package is in its initial stage so I am looking... read more

    Jonathan Lucena Avatar

    Jonathan Lucena

    5 star rating

    They have been a God send they have made the Comp and pen process a lot easier. And they really know what there doing. They explain the whole process to you in words that you can understand. I believe they are better then Attorney's. If... read more

  • Howard Martell Avatar

    Howard Martell

    5 star rating

    I have been dealing with this company and they delivered on my first increase to my va disability and continue to work on my behalf.

    Mätthéw Sèãvêr Avatar

    Mätthéw Sèãvêr

    5 star rating

    They were able to make the process seamless, and all of the people that i talked to really care.

    Steve Manno Avatar

    Steve Manno

    5 star rating

    FINALLY a Company that looks out for Veterans and does what they say they are going to do! I couldn't be more pleased with the service they provided me with my increase that I've been fighting for.

  • First Flight Photos Avatar

    First Flight Photos

    5 star rating

    I've heard of Vet Comp & Medical Compensation from a former Vet over 2 years ago. I told others about it but never use them myself while those I've told about it did. Everyone I told about it had so many good things to say... read more

    Dallas Stone Avatar

    Dallas Stone

    5 star rating

    Nicole Wacha, Jim Hill, Debra Chancey, and Alli Mowry were all instrumental in helping me receive the benefits I am entitled to. I only wish I had done this 15 years ago. Great Job guys! I would give you all a 6th star if there... read more

    Billy Mitchell Avatar

    Billy Mitchell

    5 star rating

    Vet Com and Pen does what other agencies can not. They have on staff Military Veterans that not only know the Military but know how the V.A. works. They have the compassion to be able to relate to Veterans due to the fact they... read more

  • Nicholas Prietti Avatar

    Nicholas Prietti

    5 star rating

    They're the real deal. I was already at 60% and didn't think they would waste their time trying to get me an increase or help with my cases. Well they got me up to 80% in less then a year. Working on other issues now,... read more

    Alex Milholland Avatar

    Alex Milholland

    5 star rating

    Vcp is amazing. They got me the benefits I deserred in a timely manner.

    John Anthony Avatar

    John Anthony

    5 star rating

    Vet Comp & Pen Med have an awesome mission in helping the veteran. They have been professional to me and for me ever sense I requested their service. They have gone the extra mile to make sure I have been taken care of fighting the... read more

  • Bob Gainous Avatar

    Bob Gainous

    5 star rating

    VCP took the headache of fighting the VA system away. My first claim took 89 days to close with outstanding results. I only wished I knew of them 10 years ago.

    Joe W. Perkins Avatar

    Joe W. Perkins

    5 star rating

    To start with, every veteran knows how slow the VA is....VCP is anything but slow. They helped me get through all of the process and got awesome results for me. I am proud to say they represented me.

    David Alvarez Avatar

    David Alvarez

    5 star rating

    Initially, when I competed my disability claim, I was rated overall at 30%. During my first claim, I went through the process on my own with no guidance and no understanding of what indicators the VA was looking for. I received an under-rated disability... read more

  • Adrian Terry Avatar

    Adrian Terry

    5 star rating

    I was fighting for the benefits I deserved for many years. I kept getting denied and finally I gave up. A good friend of mine and I was talking one day and gave me these guys contact info and said give them a call they... read more

    Willie E. Jennings Avatar

    Willie E. Jennings

    5 star rating

    I provided them the information they requested and they worked my claim. They were patient and thorough. Well worth the time. Take the time and you will be well pleased.

    Jerry Newman Avatar

    Jerry Newman

    5 star rating

    Vet Comp & Pen Med have an awesome mission in helping the veteran. They have been professional to me and for me ever sense I requested their service. They have gone the extra mile to make sure I have been taken care of... read more

  • Marcus Mendes Avatar

    Marcus Mendes

    5 star rating

    Outstanding customer service from contacted VetComp and Pen last day of May, the VA processed my claim 16 July, received my compensation letter today. Side note, I haven't received my marriage competition letter, going on 17 months now.
    Recommend contacting them.

    Linda Nease Myers Avatar

    Linda Nease Myers

    5 star rating

    We were guided so well and promptly and so amazed at the caring and attentive members that helped us from the first day we started our claim process. We got a substantial increase in our disability benefits in less that a week!! We cannot thank... read more

    cas cas Avatar

    cas cas

    5 star rating

    To all my fellow veterans, I want you to realize it's NOT too good to be true with Vet Comp and Pen Medical Consulting. I was skeptical at first about the stories, but they have been more than what I could have asked for. They... read more

  • Brian Gamble Avatar

    Brian Gamble

    4 star rating

    My experience with them was for the initial claim for higher compensation owed to me. It took about 7 months for me to receive a new award letter from the VA. The process probably would have taken longer had I did it read more

    Brian Thomas Avatar

    Brian Thomas

    5 star rating

    I have had a good experience working with Vet Comp they do a great job and I have give some of my Army buddies there information so they can get help also!

    Andrea Henderson Butts Avatar

    Andrea Henderson Butts

    5 star rating

    5 star service! If you are serious about getting compensated for what is rightfully yours then Vet Comp and Pen is the right choice. I was treated with dignity and respect.

  • Tracy Singer Avatar

    Tracy Singer

    5 star rating

    I started the process with them last year and just received notification today that my rating doubled. Outstanding work, VCP.

    Steve Richardt Avatar

    Steve Richardt

    5 star rating

    I been working with Vet Comp and Pen for a couple of months now and so far the service I have received from all of the team members has been outstanding. Everyone on the staff is working for you the "VET". Going forward... read more

    Jack Spann Avatar

    Jack Spann

    5 star rating

    So how can I contact you about my sleep apnea diagnosis by the VA contractor after I retired from the military...???? Your phone number request 12 digits and there is no email address...your comments said free assistance could you explain how you convince the... read more

  • Jason Razick Avatar

    Jason Razick

    5 star rating

    Vet Comp and Pen has been a lifesaver. They review all your medical records and go over it with you and advises you the best course of action. You get your claims done a lot faster and they fill out all the paperwork for you... read more

    Vince Farmer Avatar

    Vince Farmer

    5 star rating

    If there is anyone out there who needs help with there VA claim. This is the place you should use. All of the people who work there are very confidant and very prepped with there consultations. No one gets left out in the cold. They... read more

    Elizabeth Allen Wesley Avatar

    Elizabeth Allen Wesley

    5 star rating

    I have seen Vet Comp and Pen Change lives. We Have a Weekly average of 5 veterans per week that we help get to 100% Getting a rating of 100% is a rare occurance and it does not happen very often, But like I said... read more

  • Jackie Tooley Cottrill Avatar

    Jackie Tooley Cottrill

    5 star rating

    I filed on my own at one time and got nowhere. I have gotten with Emily and Savannah and they have both been awesome inletting me know what they do and how they do it. I think it will work this time.

    A Big Thanks... read more

    Terique Sumlin Avatar

    Terique Sumlin

    5 star rating

    Absolutely an amazing group to go to, to get what you deserve after serving. They were able to get me an increase to 20% more than the VA was giving me. I spend years trying to do it on my own, but this group was... read more

    Chad Eric Donley Avatar

    Chad Eric Donley

    5 star rating

    This is an outstanding organization with dedicated people who care about veterans and their needs. They really came through for me and continue to do so and I would highly recommend them to any veteran looking for help with the VA claim.

  • David Mayville Avatar

    David Mayville

    5 star rating

    These guys are great! They helped me go from a 50% combined rating to an 80% combined rating in just a few months.

    Kevin Gnii Avatar

    Kevin Gnii

    5 star rating

    I have been out of Active duty since 2004. I recently made a claim more than 10 years after leaving service. Vetcompandpen helped me get through all the red tape and was able to draw the link to my service. Without their help, the VA... read more

    Sam Edwards Avatar

    Sam Edwards

    5 star rating

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! I can't say enough about VCP. I've been through the ringers with the VA over the past few years. VCP are exactly what they claim to be, and more. From the detailed emails, explaining what's going on, and what to expect,... read more

  • Jake Spencer Avatar

    Jake Spencer

    5 star rating

    Very helpful very knowledgeable. They exceeded my expectations !

    Kenneth Chamberlain Avatar

    Kenneth Chamberlain

    5 star rating

    Vet Comp and Pen are really there to support the veteran. Always professional, empathic and very, very patient. Rest assured Vet Comp and Pen will eliminate the stress of dealing with the broken VA process. This is a fire and forget process, meaning turnover the... read more

    Steve Daigle Avatar

    Steve Daigle

    5 star rating

    Vet comp and pen helped me to get an increase in my VA disability rating after I fought with the VA for 12 years, only took a few months! I would highly suggest ANY veteran to utilize Vet Comp and Pen!


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